Provide additional Status detail for SmartHome integration

A major competitor’s SmartLock (that I dont want to use) provides much more detail to various smart home appliances regarding “who” did the “last action” on the door. e.g., If the door was locked manually (mechanically) the lock would update its status to ‘Locked’ and an attribute of that would be by ‘user: 0’ (because it didnt know who) and its lock method would be ‘mechanically’

If I entered my user code to lock the door, it would say ‘User 1’ lock status would be ‘Locked’ and method would be ‘user code’

The reason for these various status codes being valuable to me is that I could tell HomeAssistant to disarm the alarm when I use my thumbprint to unlock the door, but not allow my neighbor’s thumbprint to disarm the alarm.

Another thing we automated, When i pushed the logo button on the competitor’s lock, the door would lock, but there was no trigger for home-automation… but if i used my code to lock the door, the alarm would arm because of a HomeAssistant trigger.

I am never using that competitor for smart locks again… and i can tolerate it U-tec never has these features, but exposing additional status detail via zwave would be amazing!