Option in app to disable the fingerprint reader

The ability to be able to disable the fingerprint reader from the app would be very useful, while maintaining the keypad for entering codes.
Reasoning being, on rainy days the rain hits the reader and triggers the lock to beep and log a failed attempt. This would result in battery drain not to mention the constant beeping of the failed attempts.

Hadn’t thought about that, thanks for sharing. I was planning to put one of the locks on a location that could get some exposure. This would also impact the battery life on the reader and failed attempts.

How did you get yours to stop doing that? Mine is doing the same thing.

I end up taking the batteries out or turning the sound off. Turning the sound off leaves the lock functional but will drain the batteries faster as it logs each failed attempt

The ability to disable the key lock would be really beneficial. Mine is always reporting fingerprint failure when we don’t even use it. I’ve tried cleaning etc - wondering if cutting one of the wires might do it. Seems crazy that it’s not possible via software