Nothing but issues with this Device and I am about to return it cannot get support on the line

I have to take a day off of work because I can get this thing to work - I bought the Ultra loc Combo I cannot get it to add users I get Admin Login Failed. I also cannot get the App to work to even lock the device with my phone . Im guessing I need the Wifi Bridge which I ordered and its still not been shipped yet. I ordered that from Deluxe CCTV that is another problem but I still should be able to add my family and then add the Fingerprint. Im very close to returning this thing , My Friend mentioned another company that I may be interested in. I was so excited when I ordered this thing and now I m regretting it.

@Michael11 Please check your email to find the solution we provided via the ticket 125285

Having a similar issue… setup was working week till i got to the setup wifi. I ended up uninstallung the lick from the door brought inside and connected the devicec to power on… just to make sure the wifi cintron is good. When i tryv to access setting barrey and other settings just spin. Even with myv phone right next to it. I did updatec the system firmware. When i try to change the wifi and entry the kniwn password I get admin login failed. I tried poweringboff both phonecand lock several times and tried a lock reset. Help