Non-rechargable lithium battery compatibility?


I was curious if Energizer Ultimate batteries were compatible with the Ultraloq UL3 BT (2nd Gen)? Energizer Ultimate Lithium | Best Long Lasting Batteries


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The batteries that U-tec sells are also lithium (they’re listed as an accessory on the UL3 BT 2nd Gen product page), so I would not see any issue with using Energizer brand, even though their manual notes to use alkaline batters (but does not warn against using others).

Something to keep in mind when using lithium batteries is that the voltage drop-off at end of life is fairly sudden when compared to alkaline (meaning, they stay at ~1.5v, then drop to 0 when they die). Alkaline batteries drop in voltage throughout their entire use (starting at ~1.5v and dropping to about .9v when they die).
As a result, Alkaline batteries will provide a much earlier low battery warning than lithium and lithium may die suddenly with little to no warning. Lithium batteries will typically last much longer though (3-6 times depending on where you get your data), so it’s really just a tradeoff to consider.

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