No Z-Wave indicator that deadbolt is jammed?

I have a U-Tec, U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave lock. Even though the specification states the door OPEN/CLOSED position is communicated over Z-Wave, it does not work. So as a work around, I use a Z-Wave contact sensor to provide status on the door OPEN/CLOSED status, and Hubitat code to auto lock the deadbolt after a time delay from when the deadbolt is UNLOCKED and the door is CLOSED. This usually works without any issues.

However, there have been a few occasions when the dead bot has jammed. The weather stripping on the door, or the deadbolt battery. The effect is that the deadbolt does not completely latch into the door frame, and the OPEN/CLOSED door sensor believes it is CLOSED. When Hubitat commands the deadbolt, to LOCK, but the deadbolt is stopped by the door jam.

In troubleshooting, I closed the door enough to trigger the door contact sensor to show CLOSED, and then commanded the deadbolt to LOCK, the deadbolt jams as the anvil hits the door frame.

In this state:
-the U-Tec app indicates “Deadbolt Jammed”.
-the U-Tec app log entry for this lock attempt states “App Locked”
-the Z-Wave Status of the lock indicates “Locked”

The door is easily opened with a simple push because the deadbolt is not engaged into the frame. Yet everything appears secure because the Z-Wave status shows that the deadbolt appears to be LOCKED and the door appears CLOSED. But in reality it is all.
I would prefer the deadbolt status of a jammed deadbolt be UNLOCKED when it is jammed?
Or provide an option to show jammed lock as either LOCKED or UNLOCKED

Is there any work around to this?