NFC and fingerprint

Why would you make a lock where the only choices you have is do I want it to have NFC or do I want it to use the fingerprint? There are a whole bunch of other competitors that give you both options and one lock. . The only two choices I really can see is you have a lock that doesn’t have a fingerprint and you just put the key code in or you use a key and the other lock is going to actually be a Smart Lock with the smarter features that can be enabled or disabled. Or if you’re going to make three locks one with no fingerprint with just the code or you make two other ones one with a fingerprint with code or the other one with the NFC and code… Why not make a premium one that’s going to offer everything above? Versus someone like me looking for a roundabout way to try to get NFC to my latch that is only fingerprinted enabled.

I support the concept of 1 lock with all features possible. We install for customers and there are other brands that are doing this and our customers prefer. Code, Fob, Card, App, Fingerprint, Key. This is what my customers request. We wanted to support this brand because it’s in US and we hoped that would means real support. Also the Air App is appealing for some of our clients.