New user registration email

Hey Guys, I just set up my lock and am now adding my wife as an admin. I got her finger prints and code entered without an issue and am trying to set her up with the remote unlock with the app. I entered her email address and hit next but she isn’t getting the email notification. I checked her spam folder and there is nothing there. Am I doing something wrong!

That doesn’t matter, cannot receive the invite email will not affect the lock already registered under your wife’s account, unless you input the email with a spelling mistake.

After your invite your wife, the lock should already be registered on your wife’s app account so she should not add the lock again.

If your wife cannot find the lock under her account, the problem might be caused by your wife hasn’t got the device list. Please re-installing the latest version U-tec app ad log in to her account again to load the device list again.

After that, the problem should be fixed.