My Lock is saying someone came in but they were at work

The log is stating that my son came in the house and the door has automatically locked but I’m the only person in the house my ring doorbell which is right over the lock didn’t capture any video of anyone entering nor leaving

Can someone tell me what’s going on this is getting really scary

You could check the log to see how did your son unlock the lock, passcode, app or fingerprint? If you have the same password, it may show the wrong user. Besides, you’d better check the address time zone if it’s consistent with your phone.

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I notice that the time isn’t consistent with the correct time zone it’s now 10:05 pm and the timer is now reading entries for 7:02 pm

Hi Carrie how do you fix the address time zone

Sorry for getting back to you late. The log time should be consistent with your phone time, and is not related to your address time. If it shows like this, then it is correct