Major issues since new look app update

Sinve the major app update a couple months back I have had a myriad of issues with the app.
Notifications of stopped working and despite going into settings and reactivating them several times they still don’t work. Each time I go in it’s like they have been deactivated and I have to save them all over again.

My log his disappeared. Any time I try to look at it it comes up as empty.

Accessing the settings page is hit and miss. I have to tap on the cog icon many many times before I can get into Settings.

Some pages in the app don’t render properly on my phone.

The old app worked beautifully. I’ve had nothing but issues with the new one.

Please help

It seems like the wifi connection is not good, could you please contact the service team(

I have had issue with my Bridge connecting to the WiFi. This maybe another issue with there update. It won’t connect to my new Mesh Rotter.