Expand and fix Z-Wave capabilities

I personally haven’t heard anything. Maybe they don’t care? Not sure.
I came over from Weiser and they offered alot though zwave reporting. Maybe they want users to ONLY rely on their app.

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I just contacted U-tec support about the “current status of the latch” remaining “open”. They said this was “not necessarily a known issue” but was probably on the Zwave controller side.

I am using Z-wave JS through Home assistant. Home assistant website states "U-tec, their parent company, is a member of the Works with Home Assistant partner program. This means they are committed to making sure the Ultraloq Z-Wave products are up-to-date and ready to use with Home Assistant… apparently not. Will also be submitting an issue with home assistant & Z-wave JS so the “works with Home assistant through Z wave” badge can be removed from this product.



I no longer hold any hope for U-TEC to fix any of this. I’m pulling out of the forum.
Best of luck to all who remain.


i recently bought ultraloq pro zwave and tried to connected with my fibaro, yubii home center and i get “Security error, please remove from hub” message. Someone knows how fix it?

Just adding my voice to the chorus of “Z-Wave support is not sufficient” on this product. The directions were not clear at all on how to enable remote lock code management (in SmartThings IDE, you need to change the device type from “Z-Wave Lock” to “Z-Wave Lock with codes”), and the tech support folks on the phone said remote lock code management doesn’t work at all. I think it may actually work, but need to double-check next time I’m at the house.

Lack of door open/closed status is a silly omission (would be so easy to fix), but inability to report on door access history by user is a really significant weakness. I’m now left wondering whether I should ditch these locks, because I don’t have proper access control unless I’m physically at the house.

Ultraloq should either make these easy improvements to this product line or stop selling it. Selling a half-baked product to consumers is not right.


I’m the same user who documented the way your zwave lock handles user codes in [feat] Support for Ultraloq zwave locks · Issue #3935 · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · GitHub, nearly a year ago. Has there been any progress at all on this? I saw that there was a firmware update released in May 2022, but I don’t see any instructions for how to install it using the zwave firmware update mechanism. My lock is in standalone mode, so I can’t use your app to update the firmware.

Speaking of standalone mode, I was pretty disappointed to find that even in standalone mode the z-wave lock still advertises itself to any bluetooth device in range. The main reason I opted for standalone mode was because of my concerns about your lack of cloud security, and the fact that the cloud seemed to be able to create credentials that could unlock my door without my input. I haven’t poked at what the currently advertised bluetooth endpoint can do, so I’m not sure if it’s a major security vulnerability or just a potential vulnerability that looks embarrassing to you, but if the lock is in standalone z-wave only mode, it really should completely disable bluetooth.


As mentioned in this post, the likely easiest thing to complete at least basic core functionality is to implement the notifications command class so that we can at least see what user/code/fingerprint was Eisner for unlock over Z-Wave.


I believe that a firmware update bricked Z-wave altogether. My lock will no longer pair or even go into pairing mode. These locks are garbage.

Adding to the other voices here. To advertise all these features and have only lock status available via Z-Wave on an incredibly expensive lock is simply fraud.
At minimum it must do the following over z-wave:
Door sensor status
Add new and temporary users
Monitor what code unlocked the door
Control auto lock setting
Accurately report battery status

Without this basic functionally, advertising this lock as having z-wave support without defining it’s many limitations is fraud.

Being able to add codes with time limits or at least monitoring so I can provide limited access to house sitters or other visitors while I’m not there is the reason I have a smart lock and this lock can’t do that. It is maddening.

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I have the same security error. This lock is a piece of junk. Does not recognize finger prints as well most of the time. I have problem with combo lock as well. It will not open from outside. They were refusing to issue RMA within 1 week of my purchase. They wanted to send me the part to replace that I refused. Still waiting on my money back.

I can’t believe they are still telling customers that a z-wave hub has the same functionality as the wifi hub. That is just an outright lie.


Sure would be great if all the advertised features of the lock actually worked via ZWave … especially since it’s advertised as the first ZWave lock and you’re an official “Works with Home Assistant” member … seems a bit like false advertising to have such an incredibly small amount of the advertised features available via ZWave …


+1 just noticed today the useless lock will report “locked” when it is indeed “jammed” and not actually locked, the app itself via bluetooth reports issues but zwave and thus home assistant report no issues.

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I know it’s like talking to a wall, but still need to ask: Any updates from Utec on basic zwave functionality? What’s the point in just one zwave feature, and that too not properly implemented as per standards? Can’t use the Apple Watch app either - no locks shown. I can’t believe that I replaced the Ubolt Pro with an equally expensive Ubolt Pro Zwave. :frowning:

Are you saying that the z-wave lock does NOT perform the basic functions like adding new/temporary users, monitoring what codes unlock the door, controlling auto lock settings, etc. in the Utec app?

Or are you stating that these functions don’t work in your specific Z-wave hub app for this particular lock?

If the lock isn’t capable of doing what they are advertising in their own app, this is very concerning. Integration into specific hubs may come in the future and I don’t believe they are claiming (could be wrong but didn’t read it anywhere) that this level of integration exists yet.

This zwave functionality is bullshit it doesn’t match the lock state at all.

Multiple times now zwave reports locked (even refreshed the state) but the lock is unlocked and the app via Bluetooth reports also unlocked.

It appears the Zwave part of this lock is disconnect from the true state of the device and is only based on the last known setting, you can’t trust the Zwave state of the lock.

This is totally unacceptable and bullshit they won’t respond to us. Going to search for another lock and force Amazon to give me a refund, don’t give these people any money.


Please expand on zwave functionality specifically by providing the state of the door being closed or not.

hummm I absolutely can add new/temporary users with my Hubitat hub over Z-Wave. I create daily temp codes, and manage all users this way. I do wish that I could do a lot more over Z-Wave, but for guests who don’t need fingerprint, I just program them via Z-Wave.

Not sure why everyone is saying they cannot do this. It’s absolutely there. I use it a ton.

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What driver do you use? I think I’m just using a generic one which doesn’t give any of those functions.

Nothing special.

If your lock is not reporting this info/working properly, you might have paired it too far away, or chosen not to pair securely. I had to walk mine over.

Also FWIW this functionality worked on my C7 and C8 hubs. I successfully migrated devices to C8 without issue.

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