Expand and fix Z-Wave capabilities

I’ve gone from thinking the Z Wave support for this lock is “disappointing” to “broken”. It turns out, not even the battery life sensors are being updated to the Z Wave hub. That’s just ridiculous.

I found this out after my lock stopped being able to unlock itself correctly, and it took far longer to troubleshoot than reasonable because the lock was reporting 100% battery life the entire time, but the batteries needed replacing.

Battery life reporting is bare bones, basic stuff for a $10 Z Wave device, let alone this. If Ring can implement a fully functional security keypad, complete with alarms and arbitrary codes over the standard Z Wave interface, there’s no excuse that most if not all of the existing in app features can’t be made to work over Z Wave instead. But instead we have a lock that can’t even report its battery life.

I’m actively looking for replacement locks and do not recommend these to anyone. Ultraloq clearly does not care about the Z Wave product line at all.


I assumed that most of the functionality of the WiFi hub would be available in Z-Wave model. I couldn’t find anywhere where it states what can and can’t be done in Z-Wave.

But as a minimum it should do what they defined in your specification.
The Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave Specification Manual states that when the door is locked or unlocked the deadbolt will report
Door Condition| Bit 0: Door | 0: Open, 1: Close.
Door Condition| Bit 1: Deadbolt| 0: Locked, 1: Unlocked

I did some testing in various door Open /Closed and Locked /Unlocked conditions.
All my reports indicate DoorCondition as either
-0 for door locked (opened or closed) or
-2 for door unlocked (open or closed)
It appears open, even when it is closed.
The Bit 0, indicating Door Closed would result in a 1 or a 3.

So I don’t believe its reporting per its own specification.

Seems to me the only thing I can do with Z-Wave is Lock or Unlock the deadbolt.


I’m holding off buying this lock until these basic zwave functions are available.


Just got this lock and i am very disappointed with the zwave support. I was hoping to get 3 more…

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Lucky for me I read before buying, so Ultraloq lost sales of a few locks to Schlage. Thanks for highlighting this issue, OP.

To add insult to injury, when creating my account here just now the form told me my password was not secure enough, when the actual “problem” was that my password was too long :roll_eyes: .

I couldn’t agree more. I need user code reporting which is standard zwave functionality. If it had this like all. Other zwave locks I tried, I would buy dozens!

Question: I have 2 of the original U-Bolt Pro (with Wi-Fi bridges) and my family loves them. Me too, but I’m done with devices that need to go through the cloud, they’re slow and unreliable.
What do you guys see as working with the U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave version and Home Assistant?:
a) Does it report open/close?
b) Does it allow to lock/unlock?

I agree that reporting battery level is basic, and it’d be great to report which user open the door, but I’m willing to buy the z-wave version as long as it reports open/close and I can lock/unlock doors via Home Assistant.

Those are the only features that currently work with the Z-Wave implementation on the locks.


After replacing a butteries in my Zwave lock few things happened:

  1. I lost a perfectly working sensor.
    Unfortunately my door is metal and sensor not really supported
    for the metal doors but after initial initial installation sensor was
    working very well. Now I cannot make it working again.
  2. LEDs are not flashing anymore for indicating Locking/Unlocking activity.
    There is nothing in the app related to the LEDs.
    I believe, at least this could be restored.
    The question is - How to restore LED Activity indication?

Looked at a lot of locks, liked this one the most but Z-Wave implementation is very disappointing. Door open/closed status and which user unlocked the door would make it very awesome

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Agreed. Another zwave lock from a major competitor reports which user (and code) was accessed when the lock unlocked. Just only having locked/unlock is not enough to determine what scene should trigger for that user. Also am disappointed about this.

Nothing new to contribute to the conversation. Just visiting from [feat] Support for Ultraloq zwave locks · Issue #3935 · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · GitHub and want to express my support for some functionality I expected to be present:

  1. Seeing who unlocked the device
  2. Seeing the door sensor status as reported by the lock

I have four locks which I don’t regret, just wishing for more support. I’m available to beta test if needed.