Capturing of tried combinations on app

I recently had someone try and gain entry into my home, but was unsuccessful. The u-tec lock did not capture any of the tried combinations , which may have provided evidence as to who was trying to open the door. The change to capture the combinations tried would be minor and easily administered to host apps through wifi, just as remote access can be done. The tried access codes would be able to provide evidence as to who tried the door, such as their own birthdate or other personal codes only important to the one trying the door. A list of the codes tried can be automatically sent to the administrator of the lock. Moreover, an email could be sent to the administrator with the pass codes tried if they exceed 5, or 10. This would help police in determining who the person was who tried to break in.

Although there appeared to be some minor damage to the electronics upon initial inspection, I was able to overcome those issues and the lock is working fine now.

While I doubt captured codes would very likely be as straightforward as their birthdate, someone who formerly had a code and then returned might identify themselves with that cancelled code. Saving incorrect combinations to the lock log seems like a simple and effective approach.