Buying Guide for Smart Locks

Thinking about upgrading your current door locks to smart locks? Nowadays you can find a huge variety of Smart Locks, with a bunch of different features, and its important to pick the right one. Below you will find some information to help you decide which Smart Lock is better for your needs.

Compatibility with your current door

Before buying a new Smart Lock you should check the compatibility with your current door, even though most of the Smart Locks are meant for standard size door there is a chance your door is thicker, or has a different installation that a standard one, so before buying it, make sure that the Smart Lock you are planning to buy fits your current door. You don’t want ruin your door just to figure out the the Smart Lock you bought is not compatible.

Indoors or Outdoors

Front door? Or for your room? Some Smart Locks can look really nice, with a lot of features, but are not meant for being at the front door exposed to the weather. If you already decided which Smart Lock just double check that will be able to handle outdoors exposure. There are Smart Locks in the market the offer weather resistance so you don’t have to worry about rain, sun or snow.

Smart Phone Compatibility

iOS, Android. Smart Locks offer Apps that will help you control the lock remotely, so confirm that the Lock you are buying is compatible with the Operating System of your Smart Phone.


You can unlock your Smart Lock with a code, with your smartphone, or even your fingerprint! Check which ones adapt to your needs and then look up for some reviews of the Smart Lock you want to verify if the features they offer are reliable.

Home Assistant Compatibility

Alexa, Google Assistant, ITTT, etc, there are some Home Assistants on the market, if you already have one in your house make sure that the smart lock you want to by is compatible with your home assistant to get the best of both of them.


Most of the Smart Locks in the market use batteries, so make sure you will be able to get into your house if they stop working.

Consider these tips when you want to buy a new Smart Lock, in U-tec we offer you different models that will suit your needs and you can check them Here.