Better visual for lock status

My door stairwell is in a darker area of the home and at night in particular it is hard to glance at the lock to see if it is locked or unlocked. I don’t use the auto lock feature and with many kids going in and out most of the day, it isn’t always locked.
As a test I put a piece of small white tape (from label maker) on the edge of the dial. Now I can see in very low light.
I think having a small white or orange strip on the dial would help. My 2 cents.

I did the same thing.

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I did the exact same thing to mine!

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Also did something similar with white paint dot.

I put a white sticker across the entire bar where your dot is. There is NO doubt when the dial is locked or unlocked with the bar either vertical or horizontal.

We also quickly added a strip of white tape.

I cut a strip off of a stick on mail return address label. Easy, and I have many for future replacement if needed.