Autolock not working when having multiple users and multiple locks

Autolock does not work at all when you have two locks and 2+ users. I have found that when one user leaves the home but the other one stays, the door gets automatically locked, regardless that the other user is still in the perimeter. This is really boring in the case the “Stay-at-home” user needs to open the door, as it immediately gets lock again while the door is open, having to manually unlockt it again.

Also when both the users are out, the autolock only works with the first user that left the premises, but not the second one.

What is the point of having an autolock if 90% is not working?

Hello, in theory, auto-lock will work every time the door is opened. For example, if you set auto-lock after 30 seconds, the door will be automatically locked after everyone opens the door for 30 seconds. May I ask what problem you encounter?

  1. person #1 leaves the house, the autolock sets in and a notification is sent.
  2. person #2 is still in the house but get automatically locked regardless of settings of always allow.
  3. person #2 leaves the house, when comes back the autounlock does not work because it only activates when person #1 who triggered it first comes back