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My name is James Massaini,

I was selected to be part of you Bata Testing group when it was originally introduced.

I purchase your locks for years now for home and business & have interacted with your quality team in the past.

On 11/16/22 Another Congratulation Email

On 1/13/22 email regarding late shipment of test locks due to Covd 19.

On 5/10/22 email granting access to U-tec portal.

According to the U-tec Community Summary’s the locks have been shipped and we should have receive ship information.

Can you please check to see if there’s an issue with my account set-up or testing status.

I have performed product testing a large part of my life.

Was looking forward to being a part of your Beta test Group.

Please advise,

James J Massaini

34528 Hawke Dr

Sterling Heights, MI 48310