4 Surprising Reasons Homeowners Should Get a Security Camera System

To many homeowners, security cameras seem like just a neat toy.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re on CSI by catching a criminal by seeing their face or license plate and reporting it to the police?

But if you already have a security system, security cameras may feel like an unnecessary add-on.

However, security cameras aren’t always about catching burglars. They have many other surprising uses you may not have thought about.

Here are 4 of them.

1) Security cameras catch bad people you let in your home

Sometimes the most dangerous people are the ones you invite into your home. That was the case with this Florida babysitter that was sent to jail after getting caught on camera abusing a family’s child by slapping it, hitting it and slamming it down on the ground.

The scary part? The babysitter was recommended by a friend, and the family never suspected the babysitter would be the kind of person to do these things.

Another instance was a babysitter, who had glowing reviews, abused a mother’s twins by slinging them around like bales of hay and carrying them around like a football.

Luckily, the mother had set up a security camera that she could watch from her computer at work. In the mother’s opinion, the technology was easy-to-use and worth every penny.

2) You could get a discount on your home insurance premium

Anything that can reduce the risk of damage being done to your home has the possibility of lowering your insurance premium.

According to Farmers Insurance, one of the top 5 ways to reduce your homeowner insurance premiums includes, “Make your home safer.”

A few ways to do that include:

•Installing heavy-duty deadbolt locks on your doors

•Getting a security system with monitoring

•Kick-proofing your doors

•Installing security cameras

It’s not guaranteed that security cameras will lower your insurance premium because it depends on who you have insurance with. But it’s possible. You’ll never know until you ask!

  1. They’re not just for keeping an eye on people

Got pets? Security cameras that you can view from your smartphone will help you keep an eye on them.

This is useful if you:

•Have a pet sitter you want to keep an eye on

•Have a pet that’s able to mysteriously escape your backyard fence

•Have a pet that’s sick, and you want to make sure it’s ok

•Want to see which pet is tearing up parts of your home (unless you’re able to tell by the guilty look on their face.)

4) Makes a great baby monitor

Security camera systems with audio allow you to see and hear what’s going on with your baby right from your smartphone. So you can see that bundle of joy sleeping restfully from your bed without needing to go in and accidentally wake him or her up.

In a sense, security cameras are a mother’s best friend.

Not just for the rich anymore

As you can see, security cameras have multiple uses. And the cost to install them has decreased over time as well. So don’t think that they’re only available to those with a huge budget. You can easily scale a surveillance system to what you can afford.

If you’re interested in getting a surveillance system to compliment your security system, ask one of our experts for help. They’ll find one in our CamGuardian security camera systems that fits in your budget.