Why only 50 codes(users)?!?!

I am baffled by your limitiation in the Latch locks of a max of 50 codes users. I migrated all of my locks with the exception of a few over because we as a small business have quite a large driving force. you make a better and more sturdy hardware platform and then cheap out on the number of codes(users) you will support. Your competitor (Sifely) makes a doorlock that is nowhere near as stout and sturdy as yours but i have over 146 codes and counting on those locks. If you want air to be business friendly and compete then open up and drastically support more users and codes on each lock. So sad!

Thank you so much for spending time to let us know how we can improve our products. We will definitely move your suggestion up the chain for consideration.

U-tec Support

I would also like to up vote this as well. A way to upload a CSV file to manager users would be a game changer!

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