What updates are there in Firmware version 01.38.0023 (using U Bolt Pro Wifi)

I upgraded my firmware today (Jan 10, 2024) from 01.36 to 01.38, so I was interested in learning what new features/fixes may come with this update. I couldn’t find new Release Documents for this version anywhere on the net.

I check the firmware sometimes to see what is new, but also if they included an update to not have to press the UltraLoq Logo button after entering the number codes. It is an extra painful step I have to describe in detail to new guests and renters.

My lock keeps failing on updating the firmware

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I have tried over a dozen times to update the firmware and it refuses to do so. This lock has been a terrible experience so far, I can’t believe it was so highly recommended


@jimmi Please feel free to check your updated request #187255

Is there a release note for firmware 01.38.0023 available to view? I see release notes available from firmware Version 01.36.0023 but nothing for this latest version. Thank you.

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