Ultraloq and IFTTT

At one point I was able to connect my Ultraloq to IFTTT. However, in the last few months it no longer works. I’ve redone my applet on IFTTT, no luck. I deleted my applets and tried again. No luck. When I tried to create a brand new applet I get a “Could not validate” message from U-tic.

I’m not doing anything special, just trying to turn the lights on when the door is unlocked. Anyone else having issues with U-tec and IFTTT?

Hi@Hawley, our agent just responds to you via the trouble-ticket system, please check the email.

I’m also experiencing the same issue as OP, none of my IFTTT applets are running

@Rorem We upgraded our server for the IFTTT that cannot receive a notification. Please try to disable the Applet, then enable it again, and it will not impact your previous Applet. Please don’t worry.

I just tried using it again, but it is still not working for me. :frowning_face:

@Will some more experimentation has shown that the applets fire if using “unlocked” or “locked” but not “unlocked by a specific person” or “locked by a specific person” which is what I’m using. Previously these applets did work.

When are the integrations with IFTTT going to be updated. I see in this thread mention of upgraded servers but haven’t seen any change. I would desperately love to see the option to select passage mode. I have UL1’s and the fingerprint sensor is hit and miss. To be able to select passage mode for daytime use and back to locked mode for evening use would allow so much more flexibility and usability. I can’t understand why the integration only allows locked unlocked, especially when unlocked as for the briefest moment if your schedule is for a time he must be standing there at that time to open the door.

My IFTTT Ultraloq applets with my U-Bolt Pro and external bridge suddenly stopped triggering a few weeks ago. I’ve been working with support for a week now with no progress.

Is the IFTT integration still working for anyone?


The IFTTT integration was fixed and starting working again yesterday evening.

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