U-Tec app missing in play store

I just installed bolt pro zwave at my parents house but we weren’t able to find the app in the play store. Where did it go? Is there an official apk I can share with my parents?

Note: I was able to send it to my dad directly from my phone but he’s having a hard time doing the same for my mom.

There has been a mistake with U-tec App in Google Play Store, we are contacting and fixing the mistake right now. Within the time, you can download the Android App from the QR code in the User Manual with the product package. IOS Version of U-tec App is unaffected.

Is there an APK you could provide until it is resolved?

Yes, contact customer support, you can get an APK or o link to download the APK

Here is the link to download the APK:

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Thanks. Looks like it was added back a day or so ago.

Mom is still having issues creating an account but that may be user error.