Support Matter Protocols

The products should support the upcoming matter protocol to allow integrations through the standard way so that all assistants can be used without issue.

Maybe consider supporting thread communication protocols as well.

Thanks for making this into a Wishlist item!

I hope integration can be achieved with the hardware as is, or worst case with a future bridge device.


Thanks for your valuable suggestions, we will focus on these needs…to understand you better, can you describe your usage scenario more?

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I plan to make my household a matter household so i don’t have to worry about having apps for all the smart needs. This also doesn’t lock me into ecosystem such as android or IOS. Allows me to make the choice of what ecosystem best suits my needs.


I too would love Matter Support.

My use-case would be accessing my door lock from the Apple Home app. Allowing me to add, remove and disable users, lock and unlock the door and all the other great features in the native UTec app but from Apple Home app for increased convenience.

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I’d like to support this feature as well as a better homeassistant integration


6 months after Matter being ratified? Who knows how many months dev kits were probably available before that? This should already be done.


Yes, please add Matter!! This will open up the lock to not only Apple ecosystem (HomeKit), but to Google (Home) and Amazon (Alexa).