Notification if door left unlocked

It would be great to get notified when someone forgets to lock the door. The door could be open or closed, but if it is left unlocked for some duration, it would be nice to know. It protects against absent-minded people which I may be one of. We have a similar feature on our garage door, which certainly adds piece of mind.

Note: I am aware of the auto-lock feature. We turned it off in case the door was left open by workers or by us on a nice day.

I’ve wanted this forever and have requested it as a notification option. Unfortunately there’s been no movement on it. Lots of other smart locks have this option.

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This is table stakes for a smart lock. WTF is going on? Each of these “features” is like 2 lines of code, and then putting it in 3 places: Air, iOS app, Android App. And they’re the basics you write BEFORE you sell a “smart” lock to the public!