New U-Bolt WiFi Smart Lock Beta Testers Selected

There will be another one coming soon, will put the recruitement process here in community.


I don’t believe that gender was even inquired about on the form and we don’t know how many woman actually even applied, for all we know every single woman that applied could have been selected. U-tec cant control who applies for what and hopefully these people were chosen at random or based on assessment of data supplied in the form about experience and abilities.

I got an email that said I was selected to test the ul3 sense in December but I never received the product. Is there some way I can communicate to get or inquire what happened to it. I filled out the form on the email too.

Yup. Looks like a man’s club that took pitty on a handful of chicks. :woman_facepalming::rage:

I got the lock with sensor all setup. Then I got busy for a week when I got back to the lock the sensor wasn’t being recognized. Out of town for 6 days not working at all when I got home… changed batteries and reset it all. Home for a couple of days seemed to be working left for another 6 days when I got home nothing working changed batteries again. Couldn’t get it to setup again. Deleted the lock and hard reset on lock now I can’t discover it. Called for help still not connecting. Was asked to report it with a report number #100584. It does seem to lock after 15 sec. Open or closed. I also have a pro lock with bridge and it works fine.
Thanks Robert Meyer

please got the latest beta app, firmware updated to 22.0023 version. the sensor problem should be solved.

I had the exact same reaction! I can’t remember if they collected gender on the application form, but definitely something that should be considered in the future.