New U-Bolt WiFi Smart Lock Beta Testers Selected

Is it Heather Crane from TX. The first application form has Heather crane from TX, the second round has Brady crane . Are you from the same family.

Hi, My name is listed but not confirmed.

status changed, thanks


Confirming that I’m interested

Hello Everyone,

Looking forward to the Beta Test.

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Hi Frank,

Yes it is Heather crane. We are the same household but she is the boss. She asked me to respond to the emails. I guess I forgot that I used her name in the first round. Sorry for the confusion

Just curious, how does a user get onto the list to be considered? I realize I am too late for this one, but eager to help with future opportunities.

We send invitation and selection emails. I will create a post in community later to recuit longterm beta testers for future projects. If interested, please visit community often to get updated.


:partying_face: yay! So happy to be here!!

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:sob: :sob:

Congrats to everyone who was selected to do this Beta test

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I noticed my name is listed in not confirmed. Do I have to do something else?


Just updated the status, welcome aboard

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Happy to be a tester. Hope we can contribute with some meaningful feedback.

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Cant wait to get started, any estimates on when we will get shipping notifications?

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Probably more a function of how many women have purchased their products or have an active account. It would be interesting to see the statistics of gender/race/socioeconomic breakdown of community members vs. this list.

What is a woman? And how do you know that only about 8 of the individuals listed on here identify as women? Seems you’re making assumptions.

I was added here but don’t see my name on the “selected and confirmed” list

Same situation with me.

Bummed I missed out on the opportunity. I had submitted my application and thought I had been confirmed. Please let me know if another spot opens up! Still more than happy to help out! @Frank @U-tec


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Also was disappointed when I was added here and thought I had made the Beta. Hope to be a future beta

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