New U-Bolt WiFi Lock Shipping Tracking Number

Hi Testers,

The shipping has started, you will receive the sample within the next few days.
Here are the tracking numbers for all, you can find your name and track it yourself:

Your Name Tracking number Carries
Larry pham 420928059305510944101344218787 USPS
Sameer Vohra 420926189305510944101344218848 USPS
Chas Yen 420900399305510944101344218879 USPS
Mark Shlimovich 420902929305510944101344218862 USPS
Steven Peterson 420920569305510944101344218923 USPS
Robert Meyer 420956309305510944101344218886 USPS
Robert Moseley 420950069305510944101344218893 USPS
Ravi Shrestha 420921309305510944101344218817 USPS
Thomas 420920719305510944101344218824 USPS
Gregory anderson 420946059305510944101344218800 USPS
Sean Cooperrider 420926569305510944101344218909 USPS
Gary Fitts 420947089305510944101344218756 USPS
Allan Bondi 420958269305510944101344218855 USPS
Mathew Yee 420951329305510944101344218954 USPS
AuraInes Heinz 420945519305510944101344218763 USPS
Eric Eckstein 420914059305510944101344218947 USPS
John Jorden 420941149305510944101344218770 USPS
Hamish Talbot 420949609305510944101344218794 USPS
Mike Scannell 420949529305510944101344218930 USPS
Chet lee 420916079305510944101344218831 USPS
Justin Dufault 420934229305510944101344319750 USPS
Arthur Paclibar 420919139305510944101344319668 USPS
Mike Limanon 420944039305510944101344319705 USPS
Hank Alexander 420920149305510944101344319712 USPS
Larry Li 420940249305510944101344319637 USPS
John Sherby 420957579305510944101344319644 USPS
Owais Dada 420951359305510944101344319682 USPS
Ken Pietrowski 420926739305510944101344319736 USPS
Co Chung 420923959305510944101344319699 USPS
Vijay Pillai 420945389305510944101344302950 USPS
Jonathan Nguyen 420906219305510944101344302981 USPS
Corey Witruke 420908089305510944101344302998 USPS
Ernest Losoya 1Z3W696E0306403495 UPS
AJ Castle 1Z3W696E0319167315 UPS
Robert Oteri 1Z3W696E0301201293 UPS
Minh Tran 1Z3W696E0318741302 UPS
Mark Wei 1Z3W696E0324799445 UPS
Dave Alton 1Z3W696E0335905657 UPS
Ryan Travis 1Z3W696E0311195773 UPS
Josh Prewitt 1Z3W696E0336975311 UPS
Jimmy Le 1Z3W696E0319569168 UPS
Josh Kleinpeter 1Z3W696E0304412390 UPS
Brett Kippes 1Z3W696E0302539507 UPS
Josue Negron 1Z3W696E0331134498 UPS
Martha Millan 1Z3W696E0316610920 UPS
Daniel Rollins 1Z3W696E0332427214 UPS
Chris Read 1Z3W696E0308005822 UPS
Albano Hoxhaj 1Z3W696E0313493116 UPS
Michael Beard 420799259305510944101344302936 USPS
Andrea Reynolds 1Z3W696E0331722709 UPS
Nathan Ross 1Z3W696E0306560440 UPS
Michael Berg 1Z3W696E0333076226 UPS
William Fiske 1Z3W696E0311669083 UPS
Stephen Matthews 1Z3W696E0309459340 UPS
Casey Lawso 1Z3W696E0338101635 UPS
Brady crane 1Z3W696E0314891238 UPS
Franz Rodriguez 420890819305510944101344302967 USPS
Lee Mackey 420891399305510944101344302974 USPS
Brandon Kirk 1Z3W696E0311050400 UPS
Keith Stallings 1Z3W696E0303155287 UPS
Elijah Sanchez 1Z3W696E0323087279 UPS
Brian DePratter 1Z3W696E0310540212 UPS
Rebecca Glick 1Z3W696E0317514336 UPS
Matthew Leight 1Z3W696E0302222189 UPS
Edward Lau 1Z3W696E0320674390 UPS
William Christman 1Z3W696E0306906264 UPS
Chinnu Joseph 1Z3W696E0304648136 UPS
Michael Samson 1Z3W696E0307897451 UPS
Brian Albers 1Z3W696E0316310870 UPS
Scott Haverstick 1Z3W696E0326698603 UPS
Jennifer Touchet-Hernandez 420857169305510944101344302929 USPS
Ken Jaegge 1Z3W696E0300060670 UPS
Jon Gialouris 1Z3W696E0311498357 UPS
Jeff Zacks 1Z3W696E0321196262 UPS
Ahsan Arif 1Z3W696E0301812061 UPS
Ron Cox 420836479305510944101344302943 USPS
Mike Sakowicz 1Z3W696E0326234685 UPS
David Currie 1Z3W696E0315380725 UPS

Thanks @Frank, I am so excited!! Can’t wait to get started!

Excellent - Looking forward to seeing the new product!

Always pleasure to hear from you, Josue.

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I am just starting to use the Community message board. I have 3 Uboth pros now. I have a lot of feedback I would be happy to help out with. I would also like to be part of any testing if possible. I see you added a much needed sensor for the door lock timer. Can that be added to existing pros?

Hi Padova, Existing pros do not support this door sensor. I will start to recruit longterm beta testers here in community for the future all kinds of testing recently, hope you can join in.

Happy to help. There are a few clunky things when it comes to the app and integration problems. But I will look forward to see if things work themselves out in the next batch of products. Keep me posted. Happy to help

Bummer, I thought for sure I made the cut.
I thought I responded rather quickly to the initial email.

Joe Perez

Really sorry Joe, but another one will come soon, keep up with the community recently.

Will do.
Thanks for getting back to me Frank.
Have a great weekend.


FYI - this post is available to the public (even without being logged into the forums) and the tracking numbers posted here may reveal sensitive address information for the recipients.

I believe permissions for the beta forum are configured incorrectly.

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Received - Thank you Frank!