New U-Bolt WiFi Beta Testing Survey Has Been Sent through Email ✳

Dear Testers,

A survey has been sent to you through emails, please fill it out as soon as you see the message, thanks!
If not received, please leave a messge here.

Did not get message, please resend.

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I also did not receive the email.

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I also have not received

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Nothing received here, either.

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I have not received a message.

I’ve yet to see a survey as well

Likewise I’ve not received this, please resend if possible :blush:

Never received one. Could you please resend.


Haven’t received one.

I have not received the email

I did not receive it either

Have t received and don’t care . You’ve done notheing before why now ?

did not receive it either

Was this ever resolved? I didnt get one either.

I did not get message. Please resend.

Did not receive - looking forward to it.

I have not received a message

Did not receive email regarding bsta

Have not recd message.