New app - WTF. ARGGHH@&&&:!

PLEASE make it user friendly and use English that people can understand.

I am not able to delete an automation I created. There is no delete button.

I configured Sleep shortcut , but there is no way to delete it.

At least your POS is working, to some degree. Ours completely shut down. It won’t take our numeric passwords or fingerprints. When I called the guy walked me through a bunch of steps then told me that the company was going through some changes and that he put my number in for the online repair. It was supposed to be done yesterday. We have 2 guests with us and our kids. As you know, the thing only came with 2 keys, so basically someone always stays home to make sure that people that don’t have a key can get in.

For reasons unknown, you can only delete NEW automations you create. The ones in the app by default can’t be deleted.