Mobile First, please

Today I wanted to switch over to Air in order to get the rental timing features. I begrudgingly dumped all my settings and user data (was it not possible to map that data onto the new experience?)… anyway, I was excited for the new UI so I did the reset.

It was then that I learned that I need to use the website, it’s not an additional management tool but an entirely different path. Odd, but no big deal… Then it loads up and I realize that it’s an aggressively non-responsive website. At this point, I’m no longer thinking “oh well, it’s beta” and instead “why would you make this so awkward?” Who decided this was the MVP? You knew users would have to use the app to get started, so logically they might transition to another mobile experience (hell, you even linked to it from within the app) in order to continue the setup. [Mobile First, A Book Apart](since 2011, folks…)

This is partly just a rant, but also a plea for Ultraloq to honestly invest in UX and skilled product owners because your software feels slapdash and it’s holding back an otherwise wonderful product.


As an iOS Developer, I agree with you 100%.

I followed the same footpath as you for one of my four U-Bolt Pro locks. I was completely disgusted with the web UI. I cannot imagine how they can even think about charging for access to Air with such a clumsy UI.

After two or more hours of stuffing around, I decided to go back to the app again.
Great concept, just poor execution.

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I haven’t used Ultralog Air but I started by reaching out to Ultraloq about various mobile app bugs and weird design choices that I saw going on. After a while, I realized they had a lot more work on their hands than just fixing bugs. They need to rethink the user experience, at least on the software side of things. What I’ve found after working in design for a while is that companies either really “get” great UX and focus their resources behind that, or they never make the leap. You can’t morph them into a design powerhouse. You can do is outsource the UX to a really good design firm, but that requires buy-in from the top of management, so you don’t see that a lot.

I’ve designed for “never make the leap” orgs. The experience pushed me into development for a few years because that was the only way to make an impact.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, but we would like to do everything to make this software better. Could you give us any specific suggestions? Thanks for your valuable time!

Very sorry for the inconvenience, could you confirm that you were entering the right website?Ultraloq air

Also, if it’s not very convenient for you to describe them, would you mind us talking with you by online phone/meeting? :heartbeat:

We sincerely apologize for the negative experience. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make it right. It seems like you have a lot of suggestions for our product. Would you be willing to further communicate with our team? Alternatively, we can arrange a more in-depth discussion through an online call or meeting. Thank you.

I am absolutely happy to share my thoughts on Ultraloq Air with you via WhatsApp or Skype.
However, I no longer use it. I have reset my lock back to mobile app usage only. I do not have the time to go through the whole setup process again. It was quite painful to begin with. The lock failed to update the firmware multiple times even though there was good Wi-Fi signal.

At the same time, I just remembered I have a whole bunch of quality issues that I need to log support tickets for.

For example:
Lock #1 Lock works fine. Package is missing three long screws for securing the strike pocket, and also one small screw for the door sensor.

Lock #2 Lock makes a motor grinding noise for 3 - 5s, and sometimes a bit longer after the bolt has been raised / engaged. Once the lock motor went into an infinite loop after engaging / raising the bolt. Thankfully I was inside, and was able to forcefully retract the bolt. These occurrences are completely random.

Lock #3 Fails to connect via Bluetooth to my Apple Watch Ultra 3 - 5 times before finally connecting on the very last attempt.

Hello, you can submit the ticket here:

@Carrie, I appreciate your asking for input… if the company broadly acknowledges they need a better experience and it’s not just the Product team fighting this fight, the place to start is to understand the user experience better (UX). Every time I use the app I can sense it was designed by engineers and not driven by design experts… I would bring in actual customers who are a cross-section of who you’re targeting and whiteboard a brand-new user experience based on what they say and do not build a recycled version of the current UI. Ie, if you did exactly what your customers wanted, how would it work? That’s the opposite of asking how can I modify the current product to solve issues my customer raised… as you might sense, something of this magnitude requires a budget and a champion at the exec level.

@Heirtzler Thank you for sharing your ideas. It’s true that we have room for improvement in user experience, and we’re strongly willing to engage with our users to enhance our product experience. Would you be willing to join our UX improvement group and share your insights? As a token of appreciation, we’d be happy to provide you with a discount coupon or even send you a co-branded U-tec cup. If you’re comfortable, please add me on WhatsApp (15202239126) and mention the purpose of your message.