Metal latch deflection

The material of the latch is extremely week for its functional use. Being hit in perpendicular direction (e.g. by occasional door closer work or attempting door opening while the door is locked) it is easily get damaged. The latch easily becomes curve and that leads to the loss of its ability to go back into the corps of the lock body from the door frame. In such occasion the only option is to extract the lock and straighten it with a hammer.
The metal is weak and plastic: you can repeat this every time when the latch is jammed without risk of breaking the latch. The only risk is that the lock will be jammed when you are on the outer side of the door. If this would happen, you will have to break the door to open it

Have had this happen on several occasions with the auto close feature when the door is left open and the dead bolt deploys. Not noticing this and closing the door even very lightly will cause it to deform. A slight blow with a plastic mallet corrects the issue though.
Sure wish they would increase the timing of auto close to at least an hour which would probably eliminate the issue in my case. Opening the door and leaving it open then wandering outside for more than 5 minutes (max delay) will most likely cause an issue when closing the door due to the dead bolt being deployed. The door sensor is useless since both my doors are steel and they do not function with steel doors.