Introducing U-tec Advanced Fingerprint Technology

Introducing U-tec Advanced Fingerprint Technology

Oct 22, 2015

Ultraloq UL3 RealKeyless smart lock comes with U-tec latest fingerprint reader that allows you to open door with your fingertip.

As a designer and developer of advanced fingerprint biometric technologies, U-tec has built up a comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property in optical methods, hardware design, quality control and manufacturing methods, fingerprint extraction and matching algorithms, software applications, and related security methods. U-tec fingerprint technology has four main advantages that are particularly valuable and innovative.

-Less than 0.5 second identification

Among all the biometric techniques fingerprint-based identification is the oldest method and is the most popular approach having successfully used in numerous applications. However, reliably and fast matching fingerprints is still a challenging problem in a fingerprint verification system. U-tec fingerprint algorithm uses minutiae-centered circular regions to help ensure the speed of matching and the robustness to non-linear distortion. In our method, a circular region is constructed around each minutia, which can be regarded as a secondary feature. Using the constructed regions, the proposed algorithm can find matched minutiae more rapidly via regional matching. Since each minutia’s region is formed from only a small area of the fingerprint, our algorithm is more tolerant to non-linear distortion when compared to global matching approaches.

-Durable, waterproof and dustproof

The real world is not always ideal. There is rain and dust in this real world. And sometimes people don’t treat the fingerprint reader in a tender manner. We designed the fingerprint sensor to be durable, waterproof and dustproof to solve these real world challenges. It works anytime and anywhere for you.

-Heal broken fingerprint lines

The algorithm maps-out an individual’s fingerprints, even if the print is incomplete. This has wide implications because it is able to project a person’s unique fingerprints based on the incomplete evidence it has available to it. It allows for accurate identification of individuals with an imperfect set of fingerprints. Therefore, in an environment where workers may have rough or scarred hands the U-tec technology is extremely useful.

-Works well for kids and the elder

Due to the smaller fingerprint area in kids’ finger images, the number of found minutiae is obviously reduced. As a result, young age group (for example: 3-10) exhibits lower performance with respect to fingerprint identification. Same thing happens for elder people. They tend to have much less distinct fingerprints than young people because their fingers have been worn out. U-tec fingerprint technology has been optimized to accept a wide range of fingerprints, including small sized, wet, dry, young, aged and scarred. Everyone can enjoy the convenience and security of fingerprint technology.

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