ID and Log feature

Keep track of access to dorms and offices.

One of the many advantages you get when you buy one of our Smart Locks is the possibility to keep track of who and at what time they unlock the door, using it in the dorms and offices is a great way to take advantage of this feature.

Forget about students and employees having to pass keys around or losing them, our Smart Locks UL1 and UL3BT will be a perfect fit, with a capacity of 100 and 200 users storage respectively you will get the job done, each person will be able to open the door with his or her fingerprint, and with the U-tec APP you will be able to track when they unlock the door.

To learn more about UL1 click Here. To learn more about UL3BT click Here.

You can see the comparison between UL1 and UL3BT below