Device Time not syncing with selected time zone

I have my time zone set to Newfoundland time, however the Device Time shows 1 hour later. All the logs are based on the time indicated by the Device Time meaning my log shows notifications with a time 1 hr in the future. See photo attached. Upper left corner my actual time and the Device time , both circled in red.

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Have had the same issue, Shows standard time while in summer time so I hour behind. The lock can’t be syncing to internet time if this is the case?
Just have to remember when looking at notifications, logs etc
Will be ok come 1st April in Southern Hemisphere Sydney time :woman_shrugging:

Hi, Device time = the time you registered your device by Time zone; Log/Notification time = the event time by Phone System Time; Could you explain your request again?

That’s just the issue. The Notification time is 1 hr later then my phone time which is indeed in sync with my time zone. The issue seems to be is your app does not take into consideration that in North America we use Daylight Savings Time which is an hour behind standard time. If my thought is correct on March 12th when we enter back into Standard time the notifications will concur with the phone time that will now be an hour later. The app needs a setting to take into account DST during the fall/winter months.

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Ok, I would discuss this issue with our team, thanks for your feedback.


I have this same issue. Central (Chicago) Time Zone USA. Lock time is 1 hour behind clock time.

Time changed for daylight savings here in US/Central and my worker could not enter the building because the time is off by an hour, due to using the schedule feature…

Same here. Since this week-end and DST change, logs are no more sync with actual time. I dont know if it is a bug in the app or the firmware, but it is a fail… As a bold is not necessarly connect to a bridge, I suppose it only has a timestamp embedded. The app might do the conversion with local time, except DST have been forgotten !

NYC here, yes we switched to Daylight Saving Time this past Sunday and now both my Ubolt Pro Wifi and Latch 5 Fingerprint are 1 hour off on their time setting. The app needs to be able to account for Daylight Saving Time thank you!

Agree on DST. I went into the device information on the app, figured it would push a new time to the lock, but just showed the old time reporting. I am afraid to remove and add lock again, given all the other stories on here.

Has anyone been able to actually talk to someone about this issue?
I seem to get no response and we have 10 lockset throughout the building with same Time problem.

Same issue as last year. Still not fixed. Disappointing.

I’m having this issue as well, just found out when my lock unlocked on its own and reported it as the app that did it. (Which I have not done so)

Same issue here. Mountain Time, USA. Lock time is 1 hour off after switch into Daylight savings time.

Any progress on updating the system to account for DST? If your system cannot correct like most internet connected devices there should at least be a way for the user to manually set the time.

Same issue here - Mountain Time zone is set - but the log and scheduling are an hour off. Please adjust this for our guests.

Same issue, 1hr behind since March time change. zwave version.

Having same issue. Hope they can fix it soon.

Hi all, we have released a new App version V2.0.12.0 in the App Store. For ios, you could update it from there. For android, only small group could update it now.

Hi all, we have released a new App version V2.0.12.0 in the App Store. For ios, you could update it from there. For android, only small group could update it now.