Button to lock/unlock the Smart lock from inside

Feel it would be super helpful when they are wi-fi issues to be able to have a button on inside part of Smart Lock to push for locking/unlocking.

Don’t you have a manual rotating handle on the inside of your lock?

Yes, there’s a door handle. I’m talking about a button on the smart lock that will electronically lock/unlock it from inside the home. Operating the smart lock manually is an issue when we have it connected to the app and Alexa, etc., and it decides to suddenly not operate for us.

It also seems to mess up the calibration and sensors if we have to lock and unlock the device manually.

Personal preference: I just think it would be nice to have an additional way of locking/unlocking it electronically from inside the home so the motorized aspect continues to operate smoothly. We’re close to ditching this brand for a better one.

Hmm, the obvious problem is that operating the lock manually should not “mess up” anything (and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone with that problem on these Community boards). To my understanding, the lock status is polled by their servers periodically and then communicated to all of the phones that have remote access to the lock in question. Ideally that would happen instantaneously but the “real world” the servers don’t continuously poll the lock and they only provide the status when the phone app asks for it (which is why you want to allow the app to “Background Refresh”). I have no idea what Alexa does vis-a-vis getting lock status.

Anyway, if you are correct that the lock itself can’t properly sense its status after a manual lock or unlock (and you have background refresh selected), I’d ask for a warranty replacement.

Hey, thanks; I appreciate the tips and tech analysis! This was more of a wishlist feature request; it wasn’t asking people to figure out a lock issue.

We’re in contact with a U-tec rep to troubleshoot the lock issues. :slight_smile:

it’s just then engineer in me :^)