Back to school!

It’s that time of the year, school bells are ringing, new books, new backpacks, what about a new Smart Lock?


Now that your kids will start going to after school activities, with your new Ultraloq you will be able to know when they get home. As soon as they open the door, voila! Instant notification on your smartphone, just like that.

We have prepared you with some tips to help you and your kids have a smooth back-to-school transition:

1. Start the school shopping ahead

Avoid the last-minute stress of running to the stationary and find that everything is sold out. But before go shopping you might have some last year supplies, do an inventory, you might save some money.

2. Schedule sleeping hours.

During summer everything is relaxed and carefree, some days before the first day of school, start implementing a schedule, your kids should start going to bed at their regular school hours and get used to it.

3. Create a homework area.

Free of TVs, game consoles, anything that can distract them, you can use a bright area of your house that will let your kids keep concentrated during their homework time.

4. After school activities.

Look into the different options the school or your community offers, after school activities help your kid build their confidence, boost academic performance, promote physical health, and teamwork.

5. Last but not least, Safety.

Talk with your kids about your family’s and school safety protocols, this talk can mean a meaningful difference in your kid’s reaction when facing an unpleasant situation.

That all for this time, we hope you and your kids have a great Back to school!

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