Allow Admins to view existing user password codes

Currently only the OWNER user type can view existing password/codes. Request this feature be extended to ADMIN user type as well, at a minimum allow an ADMIN user to view the password/codes for users they created, but preferably let them see all users. Currently only the OWNER account can view existing passwords in use.

Exm…Can i ask why do you want this?

Using this on a rental property which my wife and I manage. So we’ll have yearly renters with access codes, but also be creating temporary codes for maintenance workers when they need access. So in the simplest terms, we have two people managing the property with the lock, but only one can view codes assigned, so not very convenient. Only workaround is to just share the Owner account between us, but “Admin” roles by nature seem to imply administrative permissions, which viewing existing codes seems to fit that.

ok i see, i’ll take this down and hope we can help

I am experiencing an issue with user codes not saving in the owners (mine) app. 2.0 beta
It takes the codes and says it saved them but you open the app to see and they are gone. I believe the codes still work but if it wasn’t intentional to clear them out, Im sure it’s just a coding fix.