Latch 5 - Fingerprint

Installed the lock as soon as I got it! First impressions were that the handles feel very solid and good in the hand. Fingerprint scanner is very responsive, but we will see if that changes as usually my fingers get damaged or cut from work and its a 50/50 chance of my finger working first try. I wanted to install my own lock cylinder like I did in my U bolt pro, and my UL1 lever and deadbolt combo, but was unsure at first of the disassembly, and was also thinking of how hard the lock would probably be to pick anyway with where the keyhole is. After watching how the UL3 is built up I may end up giving it a shot anyway unless someone steers me away. The keypad is very clean looking. Overall great lock so far. Now all 3 of my main exterior doors are protected by ultraloq

Just received and installed the Latch 5 fingerprint.

-overall easy. much quicker than the ubolt pro & ubolt pro wifi
-connected to wifi on the first try. it says it needs a 2.4 GHz network, but it connected fine on my dual 2.4/5GHz. my ubolt pro had issues connecting to wifi on setup.
-PIN, fingerprint, app setup were quick, no issues.
-key worked fine
-firmware was up to date after installation

-smart notification setup was easy
-autolock works
-Logs section updates after access

-none so far

Will continue testing over the week and update.