Improve logging for manual locks

You cannot tell the difference in the logs between locking the Ultraloq Smart Lock from the outside (by pushing the Ultraloq button on the outside) vs locking the door from the inside (by rotating the knob). It seems to me like a fairly obvious thing that you should be able to log these two events differently.

This way I can tell if the door was locked when a person was leaving vs when the door when a person e.g., opened the door and then closed it again.

It will not show when it is unlocked from the inside, but mine does show when it is Locked from the outside (Manually Locked) as well as manually from the inside (Manually Locked). It also shows when it is Auto Locked both from the inside and outside. As a precaution, we always manually lock ours when leaving.

The lock is supposed to log manual locks from the inside (when you rotate the knob). I have confirmed this with U-Tec support. For a while my lock was not logging these events, but then it started logging them (without me doing anything).
If your lock is not logging these events then contact U-Tec support.
These manual locking events show up as “Manually Locked” and “Manually Unlocked”. In the log, the “Manually Locked” event (when locking from the inside) looks identical to the event that is logged when you manually lock it from the outside. That’s what my issue is.