U-Bolt Pro Crash Test

A couple of months ago, we launched the Crowdfunding for our U-Bolt Pro, a revolutionary Deadbolt with 6 ways to unlock it with or without your smartphone. Thanks to your support we have shipped over 3,500 orders across the globe and will keep shipping nearly 4,000 more orders in the next days.


Developing the U-Bolt Pro took a lot of months of work, primarily focusing in your safety, with nowadays technology burglars will try to break in your house without using any physical force, that is why Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro uses a 128-bit AES data encryption and a Dynamic Key as a second layer of protection that will make it unbreakable digitally.

For the physical part, we made a lot of tests. Burglars will use any kind of tool they can find and try to break in, and we don’t want that to happen, that’s why we used a Premium Alloy construction, that will keep you and your family safe.

Below you can see one of the crash tests we did with U-Bolt Pro.

This is one of the many features and advantages you will get with U-Bolt Pro, click Here to learn more about it and don’t forget to get yours!