Ultraloq Air Product Experience Officer is Recruiting Now (Lifetime use without subscription)

ULTRALOQ Air is a cloud based portal for multiple smart locks management.
It is built for rental business, property managers, security administrators, developers and homeowners to control the access of the properties in any scale from anywhere.

-One dashboard for overlook
-Manage devices and users efficiently
-Dispatch E-Keys from anywhere
-Support temporary E-Keys
-Multiple property management
-Logs record and search

We are now recruiting Product Experience Officer, which will enjoy the Air web portal lifetime without subscription.(Smart locks should be sold seperately)
The experience will begin within the next few months. The number is limited, please start the application here.
Once selected in the first round, U-tec team will contact you one by one to confirm qualification, please make sure your application email is still in use.

This is great! We have been working with 26 locks for the past 3 months, and really like the locks, but updated codes daily for these locks as we get new guests has been a huge headache.
I’m looking forward to integrating with the portal to simplify the process of registering our guests in the system.
I’m willing to help in any way I can.
Autumn Creek Branson Inn

When are you planning on launching the ULTRALOQ Air interface? Is it available now as a Beta test program option? This looks awesome and should really help with managing multiple locks across multiple locations.