NEW U-BOLT WIFI BETA/ New Beta version of the App is available to fix the firmware update issue✳

Updated U-tec app to v 1.11.8 (108).

Tried the firmware update to V01.22.0023
–verified wireless was connected
–ran the firmware update
–ran for about 6m4s and failed with “Failed to update firmware. Please try again.”

Will try try it again closer to the lock and do a factory reset if that doesn’t work.

I repaced the batteries for the 2nd time in 2 weeks . Couldnt do the firmware update. So i deleted it. After multiple tries at scanning it finally showed up. It wouldnt connect to the internet. Deleted it again and did a hard reset. Can’t get it to show up to add. Using an IPad pro and a Samsung s22+ phone. The auto lock works for about a day then stops working.

Downloaded new app

Downloaded new app version and was able to update the firmware. Immediately the battery showed alert and it had previously showed high. Was able to add sensor and after several tries was able to get auto lock set to 1 minute. Still very buggy

I just got 1.11.8 version pushed to my device. The firmware was previously updated and all seems to be working as expected so far. I have not had battery issues like others.

I’ve updated to the following.

  1. Lock Firmware - v01.22.0023
  2. WiFi Firmware - v00.04.0050

Update took tries (6x) over a 3-4 hour period the other night. Same symptoms regarding the WiFi signal strength being strong but still not found. Seems to be pseudo-random whether it gets a signal and is able to communicate.

I also encountered a transient bug. The lock would autolock immendiately after it was opened. I acutually had to pull the batteries out just to open the door. This problem seems to be resolved by the latest update.

One feature my spouse noted is missing from the previous model: the lighted buttons.

Additionally, I’ve encountered a very shortened battery life. Full charge of some Sanyo Eneloops lasted 1 week (2,000 mAh). I’m trying a different rechargable set (2,800 mAh). Will let you know how long they last.

Seems to be ~1 week for a set of a 4 AA batteries. If I wasn’t using rechargables, I’d be extremely unhappy with the lock’s power needs. As it is, I’m considering taking the lock off and putting my original lock back on the door.

I am sorry to hear folks having issues with batteries. I have been using my lock and still have the original batteries and going strong. I hope the root cause is fixed.

@Negron what lock and WiFi firmware versions are you running?

Lock Version: 01.22.0023
Bluetooth: V00.04.0050
App Version on iOS: 1.12.0 (110)
iOS version 16 for about 5 months now (I was using a beta build, now its GA)

Yeah, my batteries got drained three times since the last update. I am still having issues with controlling the lock via wifi, loading logs, unlock/relock, etc. I don’t know how much longer I can go with testing before switching back to my previous lock with a bridge, that worked like a champ. Also, anybody is having issues finding the app on Google Play?

I’ve been experiencing the rapid battery drain issue with my U-bolt Pro WiFi lock for the last couple of months. It was working fine for several months and then all of a sudden out of the blue it started draining the batteries in less than a week. I’ve replaced them several times now. Managed to update the firmware a few days ago to Lock Firmware version: 02.26.0021 & Bluetooth Firmware version: 01.06.0201. After firmware updates, the lock still has the same rapid battery drain issue and the auto-lock / door sensor operation is still screwy. Was planning on replacing this lock, but it looks like U-tech is actively working on fixing the issue via firmware… although no luck so far on my lock. Anyone out there have success with this latest firmware update fixing the rapid battery drain issue? U-tech… any update on when the next firmware fix will be released?

I’d like to echo Partin’s comments. The battery drain started a few weeks ago for me. Just looking for a new BT/firmware version so I can do a reset and start the tests again.