FirmwareToolsV1.5.apk keep crashing

Hi, does anybody have same issue?
I am trying to manually update my look to a new firmware. For some reason I have two locks same model Utec Pro, with one of them showing more advanced fear more version and other shows much older version but says it’s current.
So I’m trying to manually update the firmware as per the notes in the FAQ section for the lock on manually updating the firmware.
The point is I have that problem on running provided on that support page FirmwareToolsV1.5.apk on my Android.
I am able to install the APK, but once I try to run it it’s crashing.
I’ve tried on my xiaomi note 11 phone, I’ve tried it on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. And it’s the same.
Need a tool to be able to upload new version firmware to my lock.
Also why would be a reason my lock with defenetly older firmware 01.50.0020 will not show update firmware option?


Hello, please submit a ticket to our customer service for help.