Apple Homekit Integration

I really like my UltraLoq lock but having HomeKit integration would be absolutely fantastic. I initially bought a different lock because I wanted integration with HomeKit but decided I liked the physical features of UltraLoq more. I would be thrilled if you announced HomeKit support!

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Please add HomeKit support to existing locks. These are not inexpensive and I am moving everything to HomeKit.

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I would really love love this functionality

@Frank any updates on the HomeKit beta you referenced in your previous comment as this is still a feature that many want and is the only reason I continue to tell friends and family to NOT buy Ultraloq

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Homekit model is already in dev process, will coming within the next year for sure. There will other major updates as well.

@Frank - HomeKit is still a year out? Is there any possibility of adding Siri shortcuts in the interim? I have a months old feature request for this here: Add Siri Shortcut Support for Locks

Yes! This would be very necessary and would add even more great features to your locks for all potential customers.

@Frank A new HomeKit model? So, is it fair to assume there will not be HomeKit functionality added for current models?