Apple Homekit Integration

If this had HomeKit support I’d likely be replacing all my other locks to match it. As it is, without the support, I’m strongly considering replacing my U Tech with a competing product. Lack of HomeKit stinks and I’ve been waiting for this for years.

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Yes! I’m watching the market and have been frustratedly feeling like I need to move away from u-tec because of the continued lack of HomeKit support.

Much like another commenter, I no longer recommend these locks because of the omission.

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With over billion active iphones in the world, I am not sure why you don’t have homekit integration yet.
This should be your number one priority.
Please bring it asap.

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ABSOLUTELY! Please PLEASE add homekit to my lock!!!

As a tech this would save me writing something for Bluetooth connections on HomeBridge.

I do not use google or amazon because they just take too much of my information as their payment. I do not want WiFi for the same reason. When I first installed Bluetooth to WiFi bridges for my Yale/august locks I found that they were soon hacked and were querying all of my separate iot device network with ssh. Not cool! I would be willing to beta test if you wished. I know writing to HomeKit is a greater pain but may be worth it to you folk.

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Yes! I’ve recently started integrating all my smart devices into HomeKit
Integrating this Lock into the automations would be so useful. Currently need to replace a lock and looking @ august or Yale as alternative since they do integrate.

Absolutely. I would appreciate my Ultraloq Pro even more and would recommend it more highly if I could access the primary functions from the Home app on my iPhone.

Two years ago I was told this was coming when I asked. So I’m really hopeful that it’s coming “soon”. …but yes absolutely I want it.

I need two more locks, but I won’t buy another of yours until they can integrate with the rest of my HomeKit devices.

Matter is coming, you could just implement that. It’ll be supported in iOS 16, just a few months from now and that’s where the industry is going.


I agree, Matter might be a smart move since it will integrate with a lot of platforms more efficiently and gives Apple HomeKit users the functionality they are looking for (without U-tec having to go full in on “just” HomeKits requirements).

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Absolutely! The only reason that I hesitated to buy u-tec locks is because they lack homekit integration. I have privacy concerns and some security concerns with using either amazon or google to manage my smart home devices - a concern i do not have with homekit. At the very least, integration through a hub is something I expect from the majority of devices. I’d prefer not to need a hub, but lack of any interoperability with homekit is a big strike against any device in my opinion. In my case, u-tec benefited from WireCutter’s recommendation and my prior disappointment with August locks lack of options for unlocking and poor geofencing implementation.

Apple is expected to have 118 million iphones in the US in 2022. Approx. 47% share of the market. This is a no-brainer and a must-have.

It would also be nice to see Apple’s Home Key in the wallet app integration - both for regular users, and to share keys so that another user could unlock from their iPhone without downloading the U-tec app.

Absolutely!! Would make the lock perfect and would order more and recommend to others who are on the HomeKit ecosystem.

any update on this at all, any beta tests ect

Yes it would be great to know when we can start to test this.

Is this something that would be available via software updates or would this be only new product?

Yes. HOMEKIT ALL THE THINGS!!! Seriously though, that my least favorite thing about your product (lack of homekit support). Well that and the very basic IFTTT support. I love my lock, but I’d love it more with HomeKit.